Milestone has set the standard for direct mercury analysis.

At Milestone, we don’t just talk about innovation, we live it. Our 6th Generation® direct mercury analysis technology sets standard for processing speed and precision – offering more than double the productivity of traditional cold vapor techniques at a fraction of a cost per sample.


Ideal for analyzing mercury in diverse samples, the Milestone DMA-80 can handle any matrix-solids, liquids and gases, giving chemists an ability to analyze a wide range of concentrations both accurately and consistently without the need of sample preparation. Just as important, the DMA-80 is easy to use, offering push-button operation, no sample prep and internal temperature monitoring for new levels of safety and convenience. For over a thousand labs around the world, that’s innovation delivered, over and over again. 

The Milestone DMA-80: Innovation Delivered.

Switch from CVAA & CVAF

to Direct Mercury Analysis.

Save up to 70% on Cost.

No Sample Prep Required.

Innovation Means Getting it Right.


The Milestone DMA-80 is a direct mercury analyzer of solid, liquid, and gas samples. Analysis time is only 5 minutes and no sample preparation is required. With over 1800 units installed in 80 Countries worldwide, the DMA-80 is the most successful direct mercury analyzer in the market.    

The DMA-80 does not require any sample preparation or other wet chemistry prior the analysis. This means ease of use, low running cost and no need for hazardous chemicals to purchase, handle and dispose.

The DMA-80 cost of analysis is minimized thanks to the speed of analysis, catalyst and amalgamator long lifetime, sample boats durability and the possibility of using air as combustion and carrier gas.

The terminal runs Milestone’s unique EasyCONTROL software, providing simple and intuitive, but extremely flexible and powerful control over the analytical process. All sample parameters, including furnace temperatures, method profiles, absorbance signals, results, and calibrations are saved. They can be viewed, easily transferred using a USB memory stick or integrated to LIMS. EasyCONTROL software includes the unique AutoBLANK feature. If, following the analysis of a sample with very high mercury contents, the pre-set blank level is exceeded; EasyCONTROL will automatically run blank cycles until the pre-set blank level is achieved.

When PC is Just an Option…



 EasyCONTROL allows the operator to designate certain samples as reference, or QC samples. Once a sample is designated as a reference, a known concentration value is entered. If the analysis of that sample yields a concentration outside the acceptable range specified by the operator, EasyCONTROL can be pre-set to either continue, stop, or pause the analysis of the remaining samples.



The DMA-80 produces accurate results over a wide dynamic range

and on a variety of different matrices.

The results here reported refer to analyses on solid certified reference materials with a mercury concentration ranging from 5 μg/kg to over 25 mg/kg.


The DMA-80 provides reproducible results over a broad range of samples, such as polymers, food and feed, and biologicals for instance.


Sample matrix.

The DMA-80 produces matrix-independent results.The instrument is calibrated with aqueous standards and analyzes organic and inorganic solid samples.

Just one method is used to analyze different matrices making the DMA-80 extremely easy to use.

10 ng of mercury from aqueous mercury standard, NIST 2709 Soil and NIST 1632c Coal, generate the same absorbance peaks.

Memory effect.

The DMA-80 does not virtually suffer from any memory effect. The instrument software features the ‘Autoblank’ function, by which the user presets a satisfactory blank level. If that level is exceeded, the instrument automatically runs blank cycles until the expected level is reached. This is important when analyzing a series of unknown samples.



The testing of foods, along with related products such as nutraceuticals, is one of the fastest growing areas of analytical measurement. With greater emphasis on food quality and safety, today’s labs are required to measure more analytes, at lower levels. DMA-80’s levels and quality of mercury detection helps labs become more efficient and productive.


Whether you are working with rocks, quartz, or other difficult inorganic materials, Milestone provides you with the right instruments and suitable accessories that enable to boost your performances.


Today’s environmental testing labs are under greater pressure than ever to deliver accurate results, at lower reporting limits, while driving increases in productivity to keep up in an extremely competitive environment.
At Milestone we strive to produce products that help labs become more efficient and therefore more competitive.


Testing of biomedical samples such as body fluids (urine, serum, whole blood) and hair in toxicology labs and contract clinical testing labs is an important area of analytical measurement.
Milestone helps labs become more efficient and productive. Our products are extremely easy to use, built to the highest quality and safety specifications to give many years of excellent service, and low lifetime operating costs.


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