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LC1650 Autosampler

LC1650 Autosampler

The LC1650 Automated Chromatography Sample Introduction System (ACSIS) is a high performance auto sampler with extended sample throughput and fast robotic capability. It features some of the most advanced developments in liquid sample handling design for exceptional injection performance and operational reliability. A sapphire plunger self priming syringe in conjunction with a flow-through needle path eliminates dead volume ensuring excellent precision and linearity resulting in accurate and reliable assay results.

An unprecedented sample capacity of 160 standard (2 or 4 mL) vials is accessed by a x,y,z, robotic sample probe to perform sample dilution, internal standard addition, solvent extraction and pre-column derivatization with high precision as integral parts of the LC1650’s sample processing routines. A small footprint (34 cm of bench space) and an open view front access design facilitates fast sample loading and easy serviceability.

The LC1650’s advanced processing capabilities can be utilised as a stand-alone module through built-in keypad and backlit LCD display, or integrated into a complete HPLC system with single computer control. Built-in processing templates can be used for unattended batch analysis and pre-column sample preparation. A priority function enables urgent samples to interrupt batch mode analysis. The modular stand-alone format allows easy integration into any existing HPLC system, or combined with other GBC modules to provide a complete HPLC system with single computer control.


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