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Sample Changers

Sample Changers

Two kinds of sample changers are available, to provide speed and precision in positioning your samples for fast and accurate measurements of sample batches.

In-line (6×1) In-line (6 x 1)
The 6 x 1 or Linear Movement Module allows up to six samples to be measured in batch mode against a single reference solution. The sample changer can be fitted with a range of 6 x 1 cell holders, including standard (10 x 10 mm), variable path length, water thermostatted and peltier-effect thermocell versions. Sample selection is automated by the software.


Dual Carousel Dual Carousel (6 x 6 or 7 x 7)
The 7 x 7 sample changer is available in standard and water thermostatted versions. All sample changers are fully computer controlled, providing random access to all positions. It takes less than one second to move between adjacent cells. Two measurement modes are available: 7 x 7 mode for measuring 7 samples against up to seven references or 12 x 2 mode for measuring up to 12 samples against one or two references.


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