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SH-AC-22 anion column

SH-AC-22 anion column

SH-AC-22 anion column has the characteristics of large capacity and high resolution. It is suitable for suppressed conductivity method, and can be used for high resolution analysis of conventional anions and analysis of disinfection by-products. With the use of the eluent generator, the detection and analysis of fluoride in complex matrix such as fruit juice or tea, the analysis of some weakly retained small molecular organic acids in the complex matrix, and the analysis of nitrite in nitrite injection in the Pharmacopoeia can be completed.

It is a kind of column which can replace AS15 for the determination of fluoride in fruit juice and tea.

Product Parameters


Model: SH-AC-22

Size: 4.0mm*250mm

Flow Rate :0.6 mL/min

Eluent:31mM KOH

Pressure:10.2 MPa

Temperature :35℃

Suppressor Current:70 mA

Injection Volume:25 uL


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