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SH-AP-3 anion column

SH-AP-3 anion column

SH-AP-3 chromatographic column is a kind of rapid anion analysis chromatographic column, alkyl quaternary amine matrix and carbonate separation system developed and produced by Qingdao Shenghan Chromatographic Technology Co., Ltd.Analysis of 7 common anions: F,Cl,NO2,Br,NO3,H2PO4,SO42- .

Product Parameters

Model Column Size (mm) Theoretical Plate Number /m Particle size Application
SH-AP-3 150 x 4.0 ID >30000(SO42- 5.5μm Analysis of Seven Common Anions


Analysis Conditions:

Separation Column: SH-AP-3

Flow Rate: 1.0 mL/min

Eluent: 4.8 mM Na2CO3+3.6mM NaHCO3

Sample: Standard solution

Injection Volume: 25μl

Sampling Concentration: F-: 2.0   Cl-:3.0   NO2-:5.0   Br-:2.0   NO3-:10.0   H2PO4-:20.0   SO42-10.0(mg/L)

Test Method: Suppression conductance method


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