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Water quality on-line IC

Water quality on-line IC

SH-WIC5000 is a full-automatic and intelligent water quality on-line IC, which can realize real-time detection of anions and cations in water samples. The equipment removes organic impurities and solid particles from the samples to be measured by on-line pretreatment system, achieving the functions of continuous automatic sampling, sample pretreatment and  data processing, and continuously uploads real-time monitoring data to headquarters or servers in 24 hours.

Full plasticized flow system, dual suppression mode, all-weather continuous operation, remote control, remote data transmission and so on, make the water quality on-line IC has perfect and advanced solution ability.The equipment can provide a complete  solutions for the monitoring of inorganic anions and cations in water samples such as tap water, surface water, circulating water of power plants and water for enterprise production.

Technology Advantage:

  • Anions and cations  can be simultaneously detected by anion-cation dual-channel method;
  • Automatic data correction function, testing standard calibration curve regularly , to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of test data;
  • The instrument is equipped with thermostatic column and highly sensitive bipolar conductivity detector to make data stable and reliable;
  • Special intelligent chromatographic workstation, icon operation interface, parameter setting and data observation are intuitive and convenient, real-time state monitoring in operation, accurate and reliable data processing;
  • Automatic maintenance of equipment, regular self-check of equipment status, automatic cleaning;
  • Remote data transmission can connect the network by wireless/wired way, upload the data to headquarters or server for backup and storage.


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