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All current GBC AA spectrometers can be operated via the powerful SavantAA Windows® software package (which is also available as an upgrade to the Avanta range, SensAA range, XplorAA range, 933/2 range, and 906/908/909 range). Reflecting a deep understanding of user requirements, SavantAA software offers unmatched power and capability, with a simplified graphical interface.

Analytical features include calibration with up to ten standards, using exact fit curve correction, least squares, linear least squares, standards addition or bracketing standards. Complete quality controls include check samples, spike recoveries, calibration failure, and QC limits.

Meeting the needs of verification and validation processes, the SavantAA software includes full compliance with requirements for electronic records and signatures. Full auditable activity histories are recorded for good management practices.

Other powerful features include Intelligent Lamp Warmup, Remaining Time for completion of Analysis and Turn key solutions. This facilty allows any specific Method File, Sample File, Results File, Instrument Setting or any other file to be directly assigned to an ICON on your PC. A user simply needs to click on this icon and the desired file is opened automatically.

Also there is a comprehensive report writing, quality control protocols and simplified networking capabilities. Full use is made of the multi-tasking facilities of Windows® to dramatically increase laboratory productivity.


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