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CIC-D180 ion chromatograph

CIC-D180 ion chromatograph

CIC-D180 is a new generation of intelligent ion chromatograph of SHINE. The simple pipeline layout and various component configurations make CIC-D180 flexible and changeable. It can be equipped with various detectors on demand to realize the combination technology easily. It can also be transformed into dual system and two-dimensional ion chromatograph, which is suitable for various application scenarios.

Technology Advantage:

High definition touch screen can display the flow path and running status of the instrument in real time, operate with one key and view at any time;

The built-in eluent generator generates high-purity KOH and MSA eluent by electrolysis, which saves manual configuration time and completes more detection items by gradient elution;

Built in gas-liquid separation system can filter out the bubbles in the flow path, reduce the failure of the instrument and improve the performance of the instrument;

In the heating degassing unit, there is an integrated on-line vacuum chamber, which can remove the gas in the eluent on-line to make the experimental results more accurate;

The intelligent alarm function can detect and alarm automatically when the instrument leaks;

Using intelligent detector to detect the residual liquid in the eluent cartridge in real time;

Clarity workstation software can realize the detection and control of each component of the platform, and output the analysis results;

Mobile APP can master every step of analysis in real time without manual attendance, making the work easy and efficient

Product Parameters


Maximum Pressure:35 MPa(PEEK)

Pressure Display Accuracy:≤0.1MPa

Flow Rate Range:0.001~9.999mL/min


Conductivity Detector

Cell Volume:≤0.8μL

Detection Range: 0~50000μS/cm

Detection Resolution: ≤0.0020nS/cm

Electronic Noise:0.02nS

Maximum Pressure:10.0MPa


Built-in Eluent Generator

Eluent Types : KOH/MSA

Eluent Concentration Range :0.1-100mM

Gradient Accuracy :0.2%

Flow Rate Range:0.1-5.0mL/min



Power Requirements:150W

Dimensions(L*W*H*):500*360*550 (mm)

Net Weight(KGS):32

Gross Weight(KGS):40


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