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SH-AP-1 anion column

SH-AP-1 anion column

SH-AP-1 series chromatographic columns are one kind of hydrophilic anion chromatographic columns developed and produced by Qingdao Shenghan Chromatograph Technology Co., Ltd. With alkyl quaternary amine exchange group, hydroxide system eluent, it can be equipped with eluent generator. Analysis of 7 common anions: F,Cl,NO2,Br,NO3,PO43-,SO42-, and some disinfection by-products.

Product Parameters

Model Column Size (mm) Theoretical Plate Number /m Particle size Application
SH-AP-1 250 x 4.0 ID >40000(SO42- 5.5μm Analysis of seven common anions and some disinfection by-products


Analysis Conditions:

Separation Column: SH-AP-1

Flow Rate: 0.7 mL/min

Eluent: 17 mM NaOH

Sample: Standard solution

Injection Volume: 25μl

Sampling Concentration: F: 2.0  BrO3:5.0  Cl:2.0  NO2:5.0  ClO3 :5.0  Br:10.0   NO3:10.0   SO42- :10.0(mg/L)

Test Method: Suppression conductance method


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