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XRD Optics

Choice of Optics

Slit Optics (Standard)

The basic divergence optic is the slit optic. It includes divergence slits for 1°, 2° and 3° divergence, and the primary
beam Soller slit. The very narrow receiving slits can be fitted for special applications.

Polycapillary Optics

The optional monolithic optic “X-ray Lens” from XOS®. This monolithic optic is ideal for off-axis specimen alignment applications such as Texture and Residual Stress. The 6 mm dia. beam is supplied as standard. The large (10 mm dia.beam) as shown is available as an option.

Planar X-ray Waveguide Resonator

A unique optic for large d-spacings and less ordered materials.It produces a thin beam from a narrow gap between optically flat plates, resulting in excellent efficiency for less ordered


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